Training Customer Oriented Planning (English spoken)

Every day, companies are confronted with waste in their production. Deliveries are not on time, many orders with high priority, a lot of work in progress on the floor and a lot of replanning.
Most of these problems are caused by sub-optimal planning and misorganization of the ERP.

Therefore, effective planning and a well organized ERP are basic!

Intended for

This training is very useful for production planners, engineers, operational managers, work planners. In general: for everyone in the manufacturing industry who wants to acquire specific knowledge about customer-oriented planning: the theory and the direct practical application of the theory.

The training is English spoken!

Learning goals

In this training you learn to:

  • achieve better results by effective planning
  • the right configuration of planning in ERP
  • achieve shorter lead times with the same effort
  • increase output with less work in progress

The theory of planning is extensively discussed and you can apply it directly in practice. The implementation of this training is distinctive, because as a participant you also take care of the content by contributing your own business case!


The programme consists of three meetings in which we discuss the following topics:

Day 1: The practice and theory of customer order driven planning, in relation to your own company.
Day 2: Applying the theory to your own planning situation. Discussing business cases.
Day 3: Optimizing your planning. Adapting methods/settings of your own environment.


3 half-day sessions spread over approximately 4 weeks with an interval of approximately 2 weeks.


The investment per participant amounts to € 795,- euro (ex. VAT). Implementing new knowledge is very exciting, with two team members it will be easier to implement this change. Therefore we advise to participate with two team members per company.

Time and location 

Date: 27 March, 10, 24 April
Time: from 15.00 to 19.30, including evening meal (sandwiches)
Location: Son

Subsidy for 

The training funds OOM (small metal), SSWM (furniture industry) and OTIB (installation) subsidise this training.


Date: 27 March – 24 April 2019
Time: from 15.00 to 19.30, including evening meal
Location: In-company, Son
Investment: € 795 (ex. VAT)

Sign up without obligation

For questions or applications please contact:
Paul van der Velden
06 – 237 534 83

Pim van Dorp
06 – 214 889 13

Subsidy possibilities

The training funds OOM (small metal), SSWM (furniture industry) and OTIB (installation) subsidise this training.

This workshop is included in the OOM catalogue.
Applying for a subsidy from OOM is therefore simple.

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Participants about the training:

“In this training you will gain new insights in a fun way, by sharing and connecting theory and practice.”


“I also learned from the input of the colleague planner. We run into the same problems, but he solves them differently.” 


“The conversations with fellow participants alone have yielded a wealth of information.”

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